Robin Pierre

Information and communications technology enthusiast

Who am i ?

My name is Robin, and I am 21.

I'm passionate about information technology, telecommunications and electronic... and more generaly everything related to new technologies.

I have been doing web programming for about 10 years. My curiosity also took me to study software engineering, database conception, networking... and more recently electronic and wireless communications.

I'm motivated about innovative and original projects, please feel free to contact me!


My hobbies



I like to immortalize some scenes or just share some emotions across photos. I sometimes share photos on the website

Amateur radio

Amateur radio

I am also passionate for radio transmissions. Since July 2017, I am officially an amateur radio operator. I am having fun establishing communications with other aficionados sometimes half a world away.


  • Develop a PHP web application with Laravel or Symfony
  • Create a responsive webdesign with Bootstrap
  • Make a website dynamic with jQuery
  • Create a Wordpress website
Laravel PHP Framework
Symfony PHP Framework
Django Python web Framework
Node.js Framework
Bootstrap CSS
jQuery Javascript JS
Wordpress CMS
  • Make a cross-platform application in C++ with Qt
  • Create a fat client in C#
  • Develop TCP/UDP network applications
Qt Framework
Visual Studio C#
C++ CPP Win32
  • Design a relational database
  • PL/SQL: create views, procedures, triggers
  • Using data with SQL queries
Oracle Database PLSQL
MySQL Database
PostgreSQL Database
Microsoft SQL Server
  • Configuring and maintaining a web server
  • Create a DNS server and manage a domain
  • Develop scripts for Linux
Apache Server
Bind9 DNS Server
Bash Linux Shell
Microsoft Active Directory LDAP
  • Create a VPN server and a wifi AP on Raspberry PI
  • Programming AVR microcontrollers in C
Atmel AVR Microcontrollers
Arduino Nano Uno Mega
Raspberry PI ARM

Some projects

E-commerce website

Group project University Project

From 2017 to 2018

Ecommerce website overview

Development with the Laravel framework of a simple dummy e-commerce website.

Application of the Agile Scrum methodology in a team environment.

Implementation of :

  • User management (registration, logon...)
  • Products posting and customer feedback management
  • Stock and order management

Visio School

Group project University Project

From 2016 to 2017

Visio School remote supervision software overview

Group development of a multi-platform remote control/supervision application for university/school networks.

  • C++ language and Qt framework
  • TCP and UDP network communications
  • Remote control of keyboard, mouse (win32 api)
  • Image compression and processing


Software / web development consultant

   Feb 2019 - Ongoing


   Saint-Etienne, France

Inspire is the Junior-Enterprise of the engineering school Télécom Saint-Etienne

I carry out software / web development missions for the Junior-Enterprise's clients.

Web developer assistant

   Jan 2019 - Feb 2019 (1 month)

   Axe Cube

   Vienne, France

Axe Cube is a communication agency based in Vienne near Lyon. It offers lot of services targeting local companies such as website developpement, logo creation, advertising realization...

As part of my engineering studies, I did a one-month internship at Axe Cube.

During this month, I had the opportunity to contribute to the development of the websites of the agency's clients. I used several web development technologies such as Wordpress, Bootstrap, LESS, jQuery...

I have also brought some clients websites into compliance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Full stack web developer and database conceptor

   Apr 2018 - Jun 2018 (3 months)

   SYMME laboratory (Université Savoie Mont Blanc)

   Annecy, France

The SYMME laboratory is a research laboratory focused on mecatronic and located in Annecy and Chambéry. It's a part of the University of Savoy.

As part of my DUT Informatique (Associate Degree in IT), I did a three-months internship at the SYMME laboratory.

  • Design of a MySQL database centralizing the laboratory's research projects (use of stored procedures, stored views, triggers...)
  • Design and development of an internal web interface dedicated to the management of the database by the laboratory members (use of the Laravel framework, jQuery, Bootstrap libraries... and use of the university's CAS SSO authentication)
  • Development of a MySQL -> HTTP -> Wordpress interface and a Wordpress plugin allowing an automated update of the laboratory's website from the internal database
Overview of the 57 tables database structure


Engineering degree in information and communications technology

   2018 - Ongoing

   Télécom Saint-Etienne

   Saint-Etienne, France

  • Basic Electronics (analogue filters, operational amplifiers...)
  • Mathematics of Signal Processing
  • ...

Associate Degree in Information Technology

   2016 - 2018

   Annecy University Institute of Technology

   Annecy, France

Methodology, Software design :

  • Agile Scrum

Information technology :

  • Software development C#, C/C++, Java
  • Systems and networks
  • Image processing with Python and OpenCV
  • Databases : Oracle, PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQL Server
  • Web development : PHP/Laravel, Javascript/Jquery, NodeJS, Entity Framework
  • Android development

Overall culture :

  • Discrete mathematics, probabilities, statistics, linear algebra
  • Scilab, Maxima...
  • Business and ICT laws, Economics
  • Communication


You are reflecting about a stunning project?

Or maybe you just want to share some (kind) words?

Feel free to contact me!

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